Corojo Santi

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Wrapper: Authentic Cuban Seed Corojo from the JRE tobacco Farms

Binder; Honduras

Filler: Honduras


The Aladino Corojo Santi cigar is a slender and elegant smoke from Aladino cigars. The slim ring gauge against a 10cm length provides about 25-35 minutes of smoking pleasure. If you’re short of time, this is the ideal cigar for you. The Corojo Santi is a Honduran puro made entirely of Corojo tobacco grown on the JRE Tobacco Farm.

The cigar is a part of the Corojo line of the Aladino brand, which uses exclusively Corojo tobaccos, grown by the Eiroa family for over 50 years on the JRE Tobacco farm in the Jamastran valley, Honduras. The cigar boasts a flavor profile that transports the smoker back to the heyday of Cuban cigar production in the '40s and '50s, with each leaf grown on Julio’s farm and rolled in his factory. 

Sweeter than its big brothers, the Santi provide flavors of Vanilla, Cashew and a bit of earth that will leave you wishing you had more time!


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