Guardian Of The Farm Cerberus Toro

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- Wrapper: Corojo 2012
- Binder: Nicaraguan
- Filler: Nicaraguan

Embark on a sensory journey with the Aganorsa Guardian of the Farm Cerberus, a 2022 release from the prestigious AGANORSA Leaf. This exquisite cigar, part of the Guardian of the Farm line, boasts a Corojo 2012 wrapper, enveloping a symphony of 100% Aganorsa-grown Nicaraguan leaf.

From the first draw, experience a crescendo of flavors that dance on the palate. A creamy hay note intertwines with the richness of cedar and oak, creating a harmonious foundation. As the journey unfolds, delicate black pepper flecks add a tantalizing spark to the ensemble.

Cedar takes the stage over earthiness, accompanied by the delightful interplay of semi-sweet chocolate and an apple sweetness. The experience evolves with varying intensities of black pepper, keeping the taste buds engaged. The finish is a grand finale, featuring cedar, leather, a touch of salted nuts, a crescendo of black pepper, and a velvety creaminess that lingers on the palate.

The Guardian of the Farm Cerberus reveals a natural sweetness throughout, leaving behind a tapestry of must, salted nuts, cedar, and a delightful clove-like spice. 

Indulge in the Guardian of the Farm Cerberus and let each puff be a celebration of the finest Nicaraguan flavors.

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