Daughters Of The Wind Calico

racccigarsclub SKU: NC-CAS-DOTW-CALICO

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Peru, Dominican

The cigars of the Daughters of the Wind Line are handcrafted in Costa Rica at the exclusive IGM Cigars boutique factory in San Jose. These are truly unique cigars combining rare tobaccos. The filler comprises Liguero Dominican Oscuro balanced off with the sweetness of Peruvian Pinar and Dominican Caramello. The binder originates from the factory's own plantation in the mountains of Costa Rica. These truly exotic leaves are embraced by an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. These full bodied yet complex cigars deliver rich, sweet and spicy notes to the palate

The flavor profile unfolds with a rich interplay of wood and grains, where oats and hints of corn gracefully dance with each puff. These grainy nuances are accompanied by dominant tastes of cedar and dry grass. The cigar, transitioning to a light-medium strength, bids adieu to the all-spice notes, allowing cocoa and pronounced wood flavors to take center stage. As the journey continues, the second third introduces a subtle increase in saltiness and a heightened presence of almonds and honey, contributing to an extraordinary nougat finish. A masterpiece of changing flavors, the Casdagli Daughter of the Wind Calico engages the palate with a rich and complex profile, ensuring a captivating smoking experience.

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