Illusione MK ultra Corojo Petit Corona

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- Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
- Binder: Nicaragua
- Filler: Nicaragua

The MKULTRA Petit Corona, originally crafted in 2006 as a limited edition that deviated from the usual Illusione standards, the MKULTRA presents a bolder incarnation of the ~mk~ Corona from The Original Document series.

This intriguing blend, named after the notorious government experiment, unfolds a rich narrative. The MKULTRA showcases an artisanal touch, standing out as a unique expression in the Illusione lineup. Dion's commitment to perfection led to the release of this gem after tweaks to the blend garnered enthusiastic acclaim from cigar enthusiasts.

From the first draw, the MKULTRA takes you on a flavor-packed journey. A symphony of rich, full-bodied coffee initiates the experience, gracefully transitioning into sweet cocoa and cedar notes. A delightful evolution unfolds as a captivating black pepper emerges, creating a complex dance of flavors that keeps you on the edge of anticipation. The creaminess that graces the finish provides a satisfying conclusion to each puff.

This cigar is a flavor powerhouse, presenting dark, rich nuances of chocolate, espresso, and leather. The long toasty finish, accompanied by hints of wood and molasses, adds another layer to the sensory experience.

In the midst of this flavorful journey, a surge of earth and spice blends seamlessly with dry wood and molasses, accompanied by subtle notes of dark fruit on the finish. The interplay of leather and espresso introduces a level of richness and complexity that defines the MKULTRA experience.

Illusione's MKULTRA Petit Corona—an exceptional blend that captivates the senses and delivers a truly immersive flavor adventure.


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