Cigares Privé Redondo Corojo Robusto

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- Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo '99
- Binder: Nicaraguan
- Filler: Nicaraguan (Aganorsa farms)

Welcome into the world of Illusione Cigars with the Cigare Prive Redondo Corojo Robusto, a gem within the boutique brand's offerings. This cigar hails from the illustrious Illusione Cigare Prive line, a limited edition series designed to captivate the senses with various wrapper leaves and enticing blends.

The Redondo Corojo Robusto boasts a Nicaraguan Corojo '99 wrapper that exudes character, enveloping the Nicaraguan binder and fillers from the prestigious Aganorsa farms. Ignite this medium to full-bodied cigar, and you'll be greeted with an intricate and compelling flavor profile.

Prepare for an adventure through complex flavors!  Earth, rich leather and woody essences. Spice dances on your palate, complemented by a blast of sweet cocoa and bright sparks of citrus and espresso. The texture is a delight, smooth and slightly oily, leading to a finish that strikes a harmonious balance between sweet and peppery.

The Cigare Prive Redondo Corojo Robusto is the proof that Illusione is dedicated to craft bold and flavorful experiences. It's a rare gem, available in limited quantities and exclusive retailers, offering an unrivaled experience.

For those in pursuit of a cigar that both challenges and impresses, the Cigare Prive Redondo Corojo Robusto is a must-try.

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