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Oveja Negra is a unique company behind Black Works Studio
and Black Label Company, with a fascinating story. Two Americans, James Brown
and Angela Brown, moved to Nicaragua to pursue their passion for cigars. They
now own their own factory and blend their own cigars, creating unique and flavorful
blends that are unlike anything else on the market. But Oveja Negra isn't just
about making great cigars - it's also a company that values family and
community. The Browns are committed to treating their staff with respect and
providing them with a safe and supportive work environment. By buying their
cigars, you're not just getting a great smoking experience - you're also
supporting a whole community. And thanks to our web shop, you can easily
purchase Oveja Negra's boutique cigars online, no matter where you are in Japan.
With unique blends that are only available here in Japan, Oveja Negra cigars
make a great gift for any cigar lover. Plus, with fast delivery and shipping,
you can have your order in hand in no time. So why not experience the unique flavors
and exceptional quality of Oveja Negra cigars today? Order online and discover
what makes this company truly special.

Oveja Negra

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¥2,500 JPY